Homemade Easy Macaroni and cheese

I wanted to test a few microwaveable meals. I know I recently blogged about how I felt bad about overdoing convenience meals, but this is a guilt-free convenience meal. This easy macaroni takes just a little longer to cook than the Kraft version (6:30 instead of 3:30), but the prep time is about the same.

In a microwaveable bowl add 3/4 cup of water to 1/4 cup gluten free noodles and microwave for five minutes and thirty seconds (two minutes longer than Kraft). Carefully remove the noodles and add 48 grams of real cheddar cheese, 1 teaspoon of lactose free butter and a dash of salt and nutritional yeast (optional). Place back in microwave for one minute.

Next time I'm going to try adding the cheese from the beginning. I'd also like my daughter to try making it herself, but I'm worried about burns getting the bowl out of our above-the-stove microwave.


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