Umbilical Hernia Surgery Day

Follow the link if you want to read about my hernia Discovery

My umbilical hernia repair was scheduled for 12:45 with a noon hospital check-in. My instructions were to not eat beyond midnight. For someone who wakes up hungry and eats first thing each day, fasting before surgery was going to be tough. It was.

I occupied myself by preparing my house for my post-surgical needs. I set up a stool next to my bed, stacked plenty of pillows for behind my head and under my legs, and placed water bottles on my side table. I also packed a bag with a nightgown (something I had to buy and I think everyone going in for abdominal surgery should) and an ab binder (use one like //">this that has multiple ways to adjust) that ended up hurting too much to use until day five but ended up being a huge help. I dressed in yoga pants, a t-shirt, a //">zip front sports bra, and sliders.

I'm extremely proud of my post surgical outfit. A front zip sports bra that meant I didn't have to fight to pull it down but it still was comfortable for the day of rest I required. A nightgown that I put on after surgery with nothing else besides my bra. Look, bending over to pull anything down is going to hurt way too much. In just the gown, I only had to pull up. And slider shoes so that I didn't have to bend to put them on or take them off.

When I got to the hospital, I didn't have to wait long. I changed, was hooked up to my IV, and met my nurse, anesthetist, and surgeon. I received some instructions about not lifting and "nothing over a gallon of milk." "Who drinks a gallon of milk?" I asked. They meant don't lift anything over that – and I hadn't even received anesthesia yet.

I was wheeled into the surgical room where I asked for "the stuff that makes me not care." Someone said it was coming. All I remember next was being asked if I was a red head – I got that question three times total that day. I am, and I understand that means something in the world of anesthesia and pain medicine – rather than replying, I exclaimed "here we go!"

My surgeon opted for an open repair without mesh.

After what felt like the best night's sleep I've had in a while, I woke up in recovery. The nurses were so sweet and happy that I was awake. They talked to me more than I could reply but after some poking and prodding, told me to take my time to rest before leaving. I was in and out of alertness, but decided at some point about an hour later that I was ready to go home. Simple. Wheelchair ride to the car. Car ride home. Walk to the bed. The end.

I was home by three and didn't need much, so my husband left to go get our children. I'm sure they got quite the speech on the way home because they tip toed in my room and even the three year old said, "mommy, I not touch your tummy." I'm three days in and he's kept his word.


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