Low-FODMAP diet for kids

She said to "Google low-FODMAP diet and try that for a couple of weeks."

Those were my instructions for what was to become a life changing way of living for my eight-year-old daughter. Without going into all the details, my daughter's swollen tummy and strange bowel issues were a headache for me for years before I finally got a referral to a GI who, just like the two pediatricians before her, was just making educated guesses at the expense of my time and pocketbook. After more than a year of tests (including biopsies), eliminating food groups, and following strict dietician recommendations, she was only about 50% where she probably needed to be. Then the GI recommended the low-FODMAP elimination diet with no instructions.

Google searches provide a ton of information about what FODMAPs are and what they do in and to our bodies. The most beneficial information came from dietvsdisease.org. There are also a lot of recipes and shopping lists online, but not a lot that pertained to children on the low FODMAP diet. I'm still leaning new things everyday on how to best care for my little one. It's clear the there was something going on in her gut because her tummy shrank inches just the first week.

The "try it for a couple of weeks"'turned into "we probably won't reintroduce for several months" thanks to the success of the diet.

From the outside looking in, it's going well. From the inside, I'm overwhelmed and wondering if my daughter is ever going to get to eat like everyone else.


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